Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter :)

Easter was crazy in our tiny 2 bedroom house. 
We had 7 people, a baby and 2 dogs! 
It was a little tight but we had a fun time. 
My family decided to come from Idaho and Arizona to spend Easter with us. 
In Moab it was Jeep Safari weekend 
It's where people come from around the country and even world to jeep. 
One of the biggest weekends of the year for Moab. 
My poor nephew Ryker was sick the first day and we had to take a trip to the hospital. 
Found out he had a ear infection and a sore throat. :(
They had to give him a shot.... probably the saddest thing I have ever seen. 
Babies and shots do not work well. (not looking forward to that) 
I almost started tearing up. :( 
Lucky the next day he was a happy camper. 
He has soooooo much energy and likes to pick and throw everything. 
But he is too cute that I can't help but laugh. 
Makes me think how our little one will be. 
Its been since thanksgiving since I saw him last and boy has he grown up. 
He walks and talks like a pro! 
It was great having my family there. 
Living so far away makes these trips more precious.
We enjoyed the Arches, Potato Salad and Shopping. 
The 77 degree weather was nice. 
I even got sunburnt! 
On sunday we went to church and then ate a yummy Easter dinner. 
Here is some pictures!